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Our commercial roof consultants can protect your investment in a roofing project.

Our commercial roof consulting firm acts as independent experts when we help building and facility owners with all things roofing. Although our duties as a commercial roof consultant vary depending on the project, there are many ways we can help and support property owners and managers:

  • Roof inspections—We usually initiate new client engagements with a comprehensive roof inspection and report. We then repeat the inspection and reporting process every year or every other year. These inspections are the foundational element of our other duties and can prove to be incredibly important in eliminating unforecasted roof expenditures.

Commercial Roof Consulting in South Carolina

  • Bid evaluation and comparison—If you need to conduct a major roof repair or roof replacement, our expertise can ensure that the competing bids you collect accurately reflect the scope of the work. We can also identify any issues or discrepancies with these bids that you might miss.
  • Roofing project quality assurance—When you hire a commercial roofing contractor, we can work with the contractor you hire throughout the duration of the project. Depending on your requirements, we can provide full- or part-time observations during the project.

Hire us for commercial roof consulting and receive expert service. We are backed by decades of experience in the roof consulting industry nationwide, with most of our work in South Carolina and throughout the Southeast. For more information about our role as a commercial roof consulting firm or the services we offer as a consultant, contact us today.