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Have us perform an inspection before you call your insurer.

It happens all the time during the spring and summer storm season – a storm hits, your building’s roof incurs damage, and you call your insurance company to file a claim. But this chain of events is not always the best way to manage the situation. Instead of calling your insurance company immediately after damage occurs, call us at HiMark Roof Consulting for an insurance adjuster roof inspection first.

Insurance Adjuster Roof Inspection in South Carolina

Insurance adjusters are not experts when it comes to roof repairs, so it’s essential that you do not rely on a non-expert to review the damage and settle your roofing claim. Hire us for an insurance adjuster roof inspection and we will accurately assess the extent of the damage. As part of this process, we will thoroughly inspect your roof and analyze the damage in addition to presenting our findings to your insurance adjuster. This way, your adjuster will fully understand the scope of work required and provide you with a fair settlement.

Depending on the extent of the roofing damage and the particular circumstances, it may not even be worth it to file an insurance claim. During your insurance adjuster roof inspection, we will let you know if filing a claim is worthwhile or if you would be better off completing the repairs without involving your insurance company.

We have been performing insurance adjuster roof inspections throughout South Carolina since 1999 and boast a level of expertise and experience hard to find elsewhere in our industry. To schedule a roof inspection, contact us today.