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Before you spend thousands of dollars on your next commercial roof repair or put yourself at risk for a lawsuit by allowing tenants to move in before your property's building envelope is secured, you owe it to yourself to hire HiMark Roof Consulting for a roof evaluation.

Our commercial roof evaluations assess the safety and stability of your entire building envelope. Whether you need our experts to evaluate a new building or to guide repairs on an older one, we'll find the most cost-efficient way to ensure your property's structural integrity.

The roof of your commercial building plays a critical role in keeping moisture and air away from the delicate internal structure. Drywall is a fantastic building material for many reasons, but if it gets wet enough to permit mold growth, it's an absolute nightmare to deal with. And that's before getting into the costs of insurance settlements.

Your roof needs to be sturdy, secure and stable. You also need to know you're getting your money's worth when it comes to longevity. Too many roofing contractors promise twenty years of durable construction and deliver ten.

With HiMark Roof Consulting's full roof evaluations, we'll identify problem areas in your current or planned setup, conduct a full audit of your roof from fascia to ridge vent, suggest alternative materials and oversee construction.

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30 years of experience

HiMark Roof Consulting's principal contractor has over 30 years of experience in the construction and building industry. Formerly an aerospace engineer, he discovered he had a unique talent for assessing building envelope security and set out to help York & Rockhill, SC business owners and commercial developers avoid common pitfalls of roof construction.

Because of our long-standing history working in the construction industry in South Carolina and across the nation, we have access to a vast network of industry partners. If you're having difficulty sourcing aluminum for your metal roofing, we can handle that. We'll also investigate your roofing contractor to make sure they're reputable.

Our mission is to save you money in the short-term and the long-term. We use our array of contacts and decades of experience in building and building envelopes to do just that.

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HiMark Roof Consulting is available for emergency commercial roof evaluations. We also provide full forensic investigations and questionable insurance claim investigations. If you need written evidence for a court date or a breach of contract, you can count on our experts to produce the results you need.

Contact us today, and we'll set up an initial meeting. Every member of our staff is dedicated to our mission. We'll arrange a time to discuss your needs. We're happy to provide a free estimate over the phone. Our rates are competitive considering the vast wealth of experience you get.

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