Roof Consulting for Commercial Developers and Building Owners in Charleston

Before building your next commercial or residential facility in Charleston, it’s crucial you hire a roofing consultant to make sure you’re receiving top-quality work. Hiring a roofing consultant with experience in assessing building envelope issues is guaranteed to save your business money.

You wouldn’t build a retail facility without purchasing insurance to protect yourself and your company. So why are you hiring a roofing company to design and build the roof of that property without ensuring they’re taking all the possible measures to minimize risk to you and your business?

HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc. has a dedicated team of employees and principal consultants with decades of combined experience in the construction industry. We follow your commercial roof building and repair projects every step of the way. We keep your contractors honest and your company’s investment protected.

What Does a Roofing Consultant Do?

A roof consultant varies from roofing contractors because they oversee the construction of a new roof or the repair of an older one, whereas the roofing contractor will be the one preparing the materials and providing the manual labor.

Think of it in this way: you hire a general contractor to oversee and coordinate teams of subcontractors when working on a large-scale commercial or residential construction project. In a way, a roofing consultant is the ‘general contractor’ of roof and building envelope construction.

By hiring someone to provide extra guidance and expertise to your roofing contractor, you prevent mistakes and ensure the design plan is the most materially sound and financially efficient for your needs.

The Three Best Reasons to Hire a Roof Consultant

We’ve already explained what a roof consultant does; now we’re going to explore how hiring a roof consultant makes sense for your business.

You’ll Save Money

There are few things more expensive in life than having to pay to fix a design problem. By hiring a roof consultant during the building or repair stage—rather than after something goes horribly wrong—you’ll save you and your Charleston business thousands in contracting fees and materials.

Your Design Will Be Flawless

Building envelopes are one of the most challenging aspects of commercial or residential design to assess, but they also have an outsized impact on the success and stability of a given project.

You’ll Get Access to a Network of Industry Partners

All qualified roof consultants have a network of trusted partners in the construction and building industry. For the cost of a roof consultant’s hourly fee, you also get access to a considerable network of top-tier contractors.

Why Hire HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc.?

Our principal consultant has over 30 years of experience working on roofing and building envelope issues. For a competitive price, you get the best consulting and design support the industry has to offer.

Don’t wait until a tenant files a claim against you for water damage to secure your building enveloped and optimize your roof design. Be prudent and save yourself and your business thousands of dollars and call HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc. today!