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Roofing insurance claim investigation in York & Rockhill, SC

Insurance fraud is on the rise in York & Rockhill, SC. Every year, bad faith actors take advantage of local business owners and collect a payout from their insurance policies. As a commercial landowner, you want to approach your tenants' complaints about wind and water damage in good faith. However, unless you do your due diligence, you could be on the hook for a massive bill from your insurance company.

It's crucial to hire a roof consultant to assess your building envelope. HiMark Roof Consulting has over 30 years of experience in the construction and building industry. We know how to protect our client's risk exposure by providing thorough roofing insurance claim investigations and roofing audits.

Before a claim is filed

Hiring a roofing consultant to perform a full roofing audit of your commercial property is one of the best things you can do as a business owner. When you sign up for your commercial insurance policy, look at the liability you are exposed to as the landlord or facility manager. Odds are, it isn't chump change.

Hiring HiMark Roof Consulting to perform a roofing insurance claim investigation and assessment of your roof, foundation and building envelope means the difference between paying a tenant thousands of dollars or calling their bluff on their own negligence. Protect yourself and your business by hiring HiMark Roof Consulting before you run into trouble.

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After a questionable claim is filed

HiMark Roof Consulting has years of experience providing roofing audits for business owners when a questionable insurance claim is filed.

Every questionable insurance claim looks different. For example, a new tenant may complain to the insurance company about hail damage without bringing it up to you first. Or, a property that's been well-maintained for many years suddenly experiences widespread water damage.

It's important for you to trust your instincts as a property manager. However, that won't convince a jury to produce a favorable verdict. Let HiMark Roof Consulting handle your roofing insurance claim investigation. We'll prepare a full roofing audit that you can give to your insurers and your tenants.

Of course, we cannot promise that you won't be required to pay the questionable claim. In our investigations, we have determined that some claims were actually valid. Only a full-building roofing audit can say for sure.

We also have experience in testifying as an expert witness for litigations that go to court. Ask us about our expert witness services when you call about your questionable claim.