The Experienced Choice for Forensic Investigation and Expert Witness Testimonial in Charleston

Water intrusion and wind damage can cost your business a fortune. So can residents filing dubious insurance claims.

As a commercial property owner, it’s your responsibility to do everything in your power to ensure your building envelopes are well-constructed and ready to handle whatever nature throws at them.

Whether you’re a property developer ready to lease to new tenants or a resident locked in a legal battle with your landlord, HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc. has the expertise and training needed for conducting full-scale forensic inspections of buildings of any size and purpose.

The HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc. Forensic Services System

Our principal consultant, Mr. Allan Kidd, has over 30 years of experience in evaluating building envelope issues and has developed a precise and meticulous method for determining faults and testing building envelope permeability.

At HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc., we investigate the products and parts of any building. While we specialize in roof systems, we use sub-consultants as needed to evaluate the building envelope as a whole.

Our process works according to the following system:

Full Inspection

Our forensic service begins with a full inspection of the materials and construction of the building envelope of any commercial or residential building. Beginning with the roof (our area of expertise), we hunt for vulnerabilities, examining any and all of the following (as applies):

  • Cladding and exterior siding
  • Flashing, shingles, and roof sheathing
  • Windows and doors
  • Basements, foundations, and drainage systems
  • Eavestroughs and gutters


Using data and measurements we collect from your property, including photographic evidence, we create a full report on the conditions of your building envelope. This comprehensive document also contains a section on the magnitude of repairs required, if necessary.

Expert Witness For Litigation and Insurance Companies

HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc.’s forensic services are designed with your development firm in mind. With 30 years in the industry, we have a keen knowledge of the realities and pressures facing commercial building owners, and, by presenting our investigations before a court, provide compelling expert testimony to swing a jury in your favor during commercial litigation.

We provide detailed mockups for your attorneys to present, including scale models and compelling photographic evidence, accompanied by our expertise as needed in court.

Building Envelope Consultation During New Construction

Whether you’ve hired a new company to fix the building envelope problems we identified during our initial assessment or you’re looking for us to oversee construction to ensure everything goes according to plan, HiMark Roof Consulting, Inc. offers our clients a wide variety of consulting services.

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